SIDS Solutions Forum 2022

The Cook Islands Delegation led by Honorable Vainetutai Rose Toki-Brown attended the SID Solutions Forum from the 28-30 November 2022 in Apia, Samoa.

NES fully engages in the development of a global treaty to end plastic pollution

The Cook Islands Delegation led by Honorable Vainetutai Rose Toki-Brown attended the SID Solutions Forum from the 28-30 November 2022 in Apia, Samoa. She was joined by her CEO Mr. Tou Unuia, Head of Ministry for Te Marae Ora, Bob Williams, Head of Ministry for Agriculture, Mrs. Temarama Anguna-Kamana and National Environment Service Policy and Planning Manager Tekura Moeka’a.

In the Cook Islands statement, Honorable Minister Vainetutai Rose spoke of the Cook Islands experiences in response to Covid 19 and the Global Impacts of the 5F (Food, feed, fuel, fertilizer and finance ) The Cook Islands set up the Smart Agri Tech Scheme to encourage innovation and increase agricultural production. Innovators and Cook Islanders Matisha and Tino Tautu of Matavera Farms were invited to the Forum to share their successes, challenges and plans for the future.

Honorable Minister Vainetutai Rose also spoke of challenges like the unprecedented price rates that saw the increase of cost of petrol by 71%, high impact on food security, nutrition and livelihoods that saw the price of food increased between 10% and 20% in the first semester of 2022 that jeopardized economic recovery. She further noted the effects of the Ukraine War on supply and cost of fuel.

NES representative Ms. Moeka’a notes that “food security is vital to a nation’s survival against Climate Change.”

The effects of climate change may include; greater risk of disaster from extreme weather events Increasing coastal erosion and loss of marine habitats, declining fresh water and natural food resources, increasing incidence of crop pest and diseases and Increasing incidence of human diseases.

In keeping in line with theme of the forum of “Working together to leave no-one behind”, Ms. Moeka’a agrees that innovation, a multi-sectoral approach for transformational pathways and working collaboratively with both regional and international partners on the Multi-Country Framework for the Pacific Islands 2023-2027 will be a step in the right direction to scaling up ambition.

The SIDS Solution Forum was facilitated by Food and Agriculture Organisation and hosted by the Government of Samoa.

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