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An Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) is a management tool used to identify the environmental, social and economic impacts of a project prior to decision making.

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An Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) Permit is the permission granted to an Applicant that is conducting an activity, project or development that is likely to cause significant environment impact. 

The EIA permit is to protect the environment by ensuring that the regulatory authority objectively considers all potential environment impacts and their mitigation measures. 

The EIA process provides an opportunity for all relevant stakeholders, including the public, to participate in the decision-making procedures of the proposed project. 

This is specified in Tier 3 of the Environmental Compliance Services;

  • Water Reticulation System instalment 
  • Stream Development – relating to rock revetments, gabions and diversion
  • All dredging 
  • Foreshore Development and Protection (Gabions, rock revetments and Groynes and Coastal Protection Units)
  • Filling of Wetlands
  • Excavation of sloping land 
  • Introduction of new species or biocontrol
  • Tourism and Commercial Development
  • Motu Development
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Construction of an airport, airstrip or helicopter pad
  • Construction of a harbour, port, jetty, slipway, dock, wharf, pier or bridge
  • Mining
  • Construction of a dam, reservoir, artificial lake, hydro-electric scheme, or large-scale irrigation projects
  • Large-scale alternative energy production
  • Commercial logging or a saw milling operation
  • Reclamation of the sea, foreshore, streams or creeks
  • Waste management facilities, or treatment, including storage, disposal and transfers 
  • Trans-boundary movement of waste or pollution

This is the process for an EIA Permit:

Factsheet 5 (EIA Permit) --Process Map


The public is currently consulted on the following EIAs;

Applicant: Cook Islands Investment Corporation (CIIC)
Application: Avarua Wharf Wastewater Improvement
Application#: 2022/25RAR

Purpose:  To install a new onsite wastewater treatment system to replace the existing system
servicing the public toilets at the Rarotonga Fried Chicken (Avarua Wharf). The proposed location is the ‘green space park’ across from the
Margaritas Bistro & Bar.

Any person(s), Government Agencies or Organisation(s) who wish to make a written submission for or against this EIA Permit Application,
may do so within 30 days from 5th November 2022. The written submissions can be in Cook Islands Maori or English.
All submissions must be sent to NES by no later than 4.00pm on 5th December 2022.
Submissions can be delivered to our office in Tupapa or sent via email to nes@cookislands.gov.ck. 



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3. Atatoa HermanPRIVATE22869/55534atamonaherman@gmail.com
4. Tenga EpiICI23077/76526tenga3498@gmail.com
5. Ben ParakotiTepu-Uri Consultants28078/77815ikurangi@avaikimail.com
6. Teariki-Taoiau RongoTui Te Matangi ltd22420/75176tiutematangi@yahoo.com
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