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NES - Applications and Permits
NES - Environmental Approval

Environmental Approval

An Environment Approval is a permission required for the construction of a standard residential dwelling or non-construction purposes such as land clearance.

NES - EnvConsent

Environmental Consent

An Environment Consent is a permission granted to an applicant undertaking an activity that has some but not significant environment impact. A technical report must be provided.

NES - Apps and Permits - EIA Permits

EIA Permit

An Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) is a management tool used to identify the environmental, social and economic impacts of a project prior to decision making.


Permit for Trade Movement of Endangered Species

Any person planning to take any wild animal or plant overseas must apply for a permit for trade movement of endangered species (CITES).


The National Environment Service issues three main types of applications & permits for the purpose of environmental compliance:

  1. Environment Approval – provided for an activity that only has minimal environment impact
  2. Environment Consent – provided for an activity that has some but not significant environment impact. A technical report must be provided
  3. Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) Permit – provided for an activity that is likely to cause significant environment impact. An EIA report must be provided with mandatory public consultation.

A Tier system has been developed to identify the different types of activities, free structure and definitions.

Furthermore, there are Other Permits issued by NES:

  1. Permit for transboundary movement of hazardous waste
  2. Licence to import biodegradable plastic bags
  3. Montreal Protocol Permit to import Bulk Hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) goods
  4. CITES Permit for international trade of wild animals and plants

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