New wheelie bins for Mauke

The Mauke Environment Authority (MEA) received 20 brand new wheelie bins from NES and Infrastructure Cook Islands (ICI).

The Mauke Environment Authority (MEA) received 20 brand new wheelie bins from NES and Infrastructure Cook Islands (ICI). This contribution will play a crucial role in Mauke’s ambitious recycling project.

The wheelie bins offer a multitude of benefits for the community, particularly when it comes to the collection of glass waste. Their robust design and secure lids prevent glass items from breaking and scattering on the ground, reducing the risk of injuries significantly. By using these bins, we can ensure that Mauke remains clean and safe, free from broken glasses that could pose a hazard to both people and wildlife.

Strategically placed at 20 recycling stations across the island, these wheelie bins provide a convenient and accessible solution for residents and visitors to dispose their glass waste responsibly. Through this initiative, the MEA aims to foster a culture of sustainability and encourage active participation in waste reduction by the community. It will contribute to the preservation of Mauke’s pristine beauty.

Raita Moetaua, NES Environment Officer for Mauke, stated ‘we extend our heartfelt gratitude for this support. Together, we are taking significant steps towards a cleaner, greener Mauke, ensuring that future generations can continue to enjoy the island’s breathtaking natural wonders. Let’s work hand in hand to protect and preserve the natural beauty of Mauke’.

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