NES launched its Communication plans and tools

The National Environment Service (NES) launched its full communication tools and plans to strengthen its engagement with all stakeholders and members of the public. A small launch was attended by Heads of Ministries, Aronga Mana, NGOs and partners. This was followed by a newspaper insert to introduce the new NES communication plans and tools.
NES launched its Communication plans and tools

The Environmental Communication Strategy (ECS) 2022-27 was released as the main document for all NES communication work. It provides a roadmap to  achieving six main Strategic Communication Goals: Positioning, Governance, Content, Assets, Outreach and Connect. These Strategic Goals is fundamental to achieving NES’s overall vision and objectives. NES’s national goal of the Service is geared towards building a more sustainable future for the Cook Islands environment. Degradation of our environment and natural resources provide a bleak future for our children. Therefore, increasing environmental concerns, like biodiversity loss and pollution, require urgent dialogue and communication with key stakeholders and the community to promote environmental protection. 

The communication tools launched by NES include the following new assets: factsheets, website, videos, social media strategy, e-forms, electronic direct mail and brand guidelines. These tools will equip NES to advocate for upcoming projects in policy development, legislation, compliance processes, research and data collection on conservation measures.

Halatoa Fua, Director of NES, noted “Environmental communication is an essential tool for action. The ECS 2022-27 outlines how the agency will deliver a comprehensive package to advocate for environmental policy and planning. It is incumbent on NES to raise awareness on the importance of our environment’s health and how we can help address our ecological crisis through innovative approaches.”

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The National Environment Service is established to protect, conserve and ensure the Cook Islands environment is managed sustainably. The agency is headed by a Director with delegated powers to carry out the functions of the Environment Act 2003.

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