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Clean Up the World 2017 - Cook Islands National Environment Service
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Clean Up the World 2017

Clean Up the World 2017

Clean Up the World Waste Collection 2017


Clean up the World 2017

The Clean up the World event held on Friday 15th September saw at least 10 small groups help clean up problematic areas around Rarotonga.
The biggest haul of waste was collected along the Nikao beach area (Social Centre) whereby 110kg was collected by volunteers with the majority of that waste was nappies, and has caused much concern for staff of the CI National Environment Service. It’s understood that the collection of the large number of soiled nappies ‘dumped’ is a concern, and despite the ongoing efforts by NES, the message is not going through to people and the community.

The staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs collected waste along the beachside from its office in Tupapa towards the CI Fishing Club and collected a total of 31kg of waste, and youngsters, Zion and Dalton Herman collected a total of 10.4kg of waste from around the Avarua Harbour area.

The Clean Up the World is an annual event coordinated by the CI National Environment Service and supported by many volunteers throughout the Cook Islands. The Clean Up the World program this year also included a tree planting program with volunteers encouraged to plant native trees near streams to reduce soil erosion.