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Complaints - Cook Islands National Environment Service
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If you see any activity that you believe is unfavourable to the health or comfort of people, the environment or other living things please contact the National Environment Service so that we will be aware of the activity and can take the necessary steps to attend to the problem and if necessary, enforce the appropriate legislation onto the offender.

Such unfavourable activity might be:

  • Illegal dumping
  • Activity taking place in waterways or the lagoon
  • Pigs tied up on stream banks
  • If you have concern about a development project near you
  • Burning of poisonous substances such as mass burning of tyres

Legislation is in place to protect the environment and human health so your assistance in the above matter is welcomed.  Therefore, forward any concerns to the National Environment Service for continued protection of the environment of the Cook Islands.

Phone us on: (682) 21256

Or email us on: