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NES, RCI, EU and SPREP collaborate for E-Waste Programme - Cook Islands National Environment Service
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NES, RCI, EU and SPREP collaborate for E-Waste Programme

NES, RCI, EU and SPREP collaborate for E-Waste Programme

The National Environment Service (NES), Recycling Cook Islands and Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) have signed a Letter of Agreement for the recycling and disposal of e-waste from domestic households on Rarotonga.

The E-waste Programme for Rarotonga, which launches this week as part of National Environment Week, will be delivered through Recycling Cook Islands (RCI). RCI is the Recycling division of Cook Islands General Transport Ltd (CIGT) and the programme will be operated from its Tutakimoa premises. Funded through the European Union/SPREP PacWaste Project, this programme is similar to the Whiteware Programme run by NES in 2015 in that it targets waste from households for recycling and disposal.

The new programme is aimed at targeting household e-waste, however private businesses and government departments who wish to utilize this service can do so but will be charged service fees.

The agreement was signed by the NES Director Mr Joseph Brider, Director General of SPREP Mr Kosi Latu and CIGT Business Development Manager Ms Jessie Sword.

Pile of Waste - Electronic Waste Documentation (China: 2007)

Director of the National Environment Service Mr Joseph Brider thanked RCI and SPREP on behalf of the Minister of Environment, Hon. Kiriau Turepu. He added that waste management is a priority that NES will continue to develop and look forward to the continued support and assistance from RCI and SPREP.

Ms Sword stated, our Team is very excited to once again be a partner in a program that would see the appropriate collection and disposal of Waste products from our island environment. We have been very encouraged by the increasing public support to expand from the whiteware recycling programme and have plans to include other waste products like vehicle bodies, tyres and other recyclable products in the very near future. We are very fortunate to be partnered with NES and SPREP to further reduce the amount of waste into our landfill.”

Under this partnership program, the following goods will be accepted for disposal:

Computers, printers, TV’s, DVD players, stereos, data cables, power cords, keyboards, mouse, hard drives, batteries, routers, modems, hubs, circuit boards, routers, transformers, batteries, ink/toner drums and cartridges.

The public is encouraged to avoid the stockpiling of e-waste goods, and are urged to contact the Recycling facility office in Tutakimoa on phone 24441. For large volumes of e-waste products please call ahead so a suitable time and day can be allocated to accept your goods. Transport can be arranged to uplift goods if required for a small collection fee. Sword advises that their whiteware and scrap metal disposal service continues to be available and is open Monday – Friday 8am to 4pm and Saturdays from 8.00am to 12pm.