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Building Permits - Cook Islands National Environment Service
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Building Permits

If you are intending on constructing a building of any kind you will need to apply for a Building Permit at the National Environment Service.  This process is required to ensure that your development meets current building standards and to check for any impacts on the environment.

There are three agencies involved in this process, they are:

  • National Environment Service (NES)
  • Ministry of Infrastructure and Planning
  • Ministry of Health

The NES will check for any environmental impacts, the Ministry of Works will check and approve the building plans and Public Health are concerned with the sewage treatment facility you intend to install.  Click here for extra information concerning development that involves sewage and sanitation.

You will need four copies of your Site Plan and your Building Plan so that each agency may keep a copy for their records, aswell as one for yourself.


1. Fill in the Environmental Significance Declaration.  The first part of the Environmental Significance Declaration will identify if there are any environmental concerns about the construction.  Upon filling the declaration, the officer can explain any points that are unclear.

2.  Once the declaration has been reviewed, and no environmental concerns have been identified, a permit will be issued.  If there are some concerns about the development, some additional information may be required.

This process is not intended to restrict your development but to ensure that the development is planned for and conducted in a way that it does not bring harm to people or the environment.

For further information contact:
The Advisory & Compliance Divsion
[email protected]